The Fastest Path To 7 Figure Wealth & Financial Freedom

Airbnb is represents a modern day gold rush & new millionaires are being minted every single day. Our goal is to help you not only participate but also maximize your own personal wealth creation during this once in a lifetime opportunity to tap into incredible cash flow, passive income & financial freedom! 

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What is Airbnb Wealth Creation?

A Practical Guide To Participating In Airbnb. 

  • Master The Fundamentals of Airbnb & Learn Hacks That Increase Bookings & Revenue
  • Learn How To Start Regardless Of Your Current Financial Situation
  • A Clear Path To Financial Independence By Ultimately Acquiring Your Own Properties 
  • ​Systems That I Personally Use To Evaluate Properties & Outmaneuver The Competition 

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Meet Your Instructor

Robert oliver

Managing Partner - geniusBNB Group

Hi, my name is @robert.oliver (on TikTok) and after building & selling my last company north of 100M, I’ve made this chapter of my life all about nurturing entrepreneurship & teaching financial freedom. 

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The Purpose of this Course & Mastermind 
(Wealth Creation Through AirBNB)

Become an expert, understand the hacks, learn to systemitize, Start where you are & accelerate your path to wealth.

  So You Want To Be a Millionaire?

  1:00 mins

  3 Methods to Airbnb

  3:04 mins

Become An Expert / Things to Know

Here we highlight all of the areas you need to become extremely knowledgable on if you want to become an expert & thrive in the STR industry. 

  AirDNA & How to View Properties

  3:43 mins

  Traditional Rental Vs. AirBNB Value

  3:20 mins

  Property Overview

  4:09 mins

  Rules & Regulations w/ Each Market


The Secret Sauce (Your Expertise)

The Airbnb Algorithm makes the world go round. Understanding it will give you a decisive edge against the competition and it will help you wow potential partners

  The AirBNB Algorithm

  5:48 mins

Considerations To Getting Started

Here's what you need to know to get started on your own journey. Deploy our multifaceted business model to maximize wealth creation amongst this gold rush

  The Power of Niche

  2:06 mins

  Business Model

  1:48 mins

Plus, When You Buy Today, 
You'll Get Access to Bonus Material.

What You're Going To Get:


  • Lifetime Access to Airbnb Wealth Creation
  • Step-By-Step Strategy For Getting Started in Airbnb With Zero
  • Rob's Personal Property Breakdown Spreadsheet
  • ​50% off geniusBNB Group Mastermind Discord
  • ​Commercial Lease Template

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